Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rat pack

The Rat Pack was a show that would appeal to people in the 58 & up age group.  God I can't believe that 58 & up IS MY AGE group.  That is absurd.  How can that be?

And I am quite sure that anyone over the age of 55 can relate to my astonishment that I, ME, MYSELF, THE PERSON I AM can possibly be that old.  What became of all the time?  Where did it go?  One of God's design flaws.  When I realized that the time in one's life becomes shorter as time goes one....confusing when you first read it, but crystal clear when one thinks about it.

Anyway, back to the "Rat Pack".  My favorite impersonator was the one who characterized Dean Martin.  He had the curly hair, the pointed chin, the voice inflection, and the stumble down pretty good.  But, alas, they were not Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, JR., or Joey Bishop.  I am sure the longevity of this show is limited to the demise of the current 55+  generation as much as I hate to say that.   So here is my opinion:

Would I go again?     No

Am I glad I went?      Yes

Loved the music, including their singing,  and the orchestra very much--the impersonations, not so much but enjoyable on the whole.

Are we going to Laughlin for Rex's next birthday?  Don't know yet.
Are we going to Vegas for Mary's birthday?  Hope so, I'm working on it!