Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vibram Five-Fingered Sprints

Are you sick of shoes yet??  If so, today's post is NOT for you.

About six months ago, I was reading a blog that mentioned Vibram Five Fingers.   I was interested enough to visit their website .  After starying at them for six months, I decided-Yes, I want these shoes.  The store locator found this kiosk in Town Square in Vegas, I might mention that is the ONLY place that sells them in Vegas.  Since Vegas is one of Rex's favorite cities, no problem in getting him on board- we scheduled a trip.

They even had the color I wanted!!  And yes they are this stupid looking!!

They come in black...what do you thing chances are of getting these on the "Dress Code" approved list. 
Ya, me either.


Anonymous said...

Got to get me a pair of those!! Think they would go great with my homeless ways...;) You know..trailer and all. They say if you show your toes you catch more fish!?