Friday, February 5, 2010

Z-Coils Shoes and The “Dress Code”

 Remember a few (7 or 8) years ago, when Rex and I bought Z-Coil Shoes?  We had pictures on our website and told all about them.
In those 7 or 8 years we have religiously worn them to work wherever we have been working (Avi or Harvey’s).

Apparently, some one way higher up the food chain than me, decided employees having face to face contact with the customers should have more uniformity. One thing they decided to eliminate was Croc, Birkenstock, and Z-Coil shoes.  I would have a very difficult time working, if I had to go without my Z-Coils.  From the first day I have worn them, the hip pain I had went away.  They make it possible to work on my feet my entire shift.
Needless to say, my reaction to this new rule from the Dress Code Committee was total devastation.  I can’t work without these shoes!!  I wrote a letter to the “powers that be” to explain why I wear these shoes that are so not stylish!!

Whether it was my letter or the fact that one of the Table Games Directors wears them, they decided if we bought covered coils that would fix the objection and we could wear them.  THANK GOD!!!

020110 001
This is the difference…..

Love My Z-Coil Shoes!!