Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I got up first this morning which is unusual this summer.  I have gotten in the habit of reading in bed in the morning.  No internet—but I finished my book yesterday morning and didn’t have another one to start.

I got up, sat at my desk chair and turned on the TV to watch Dr. Oz.  Susie was wandering around what we call “Steve’s” chair.  ALL  of a sudden a SNAKE slithered out from under Steve’s chair.  WHAT?? A SNAKE INSIDE??


snake 001


REX…WAKE UP NOW!!!!  But I did manage to grab the camera and take it’s picture so I had proof it was in here.

snake 001-1

Here it is zoomed….I know the quality stinks but under the circumstances you are lucky there is a picture at all.  Look at the size of that thing…I am guessing at least 4 feet long.  Good thing I don’t need coffee to wake up.

My hero, otherwise known as Rex, took a back scratcher, stuck it in a loop and got it close enough to the open door that it slithered out.  Are you awake now dear??

rass 018 Thank you Susie and Rex…my heroes of the day!!

Who knew land sitting could be so exciting??


Karen and Al said...

Holy cow! What a shocker. Only a true blogger would think to get a picture of a snake inside the RV! Glad you were able to get it out, now you have to figure out how it got in!