Saturday, September 18, 2010

Date Night

We recently came into possession of a gift certificate to a local "fine dining" restaurant.  Wow, to us going out to eat is an EVENT.  A very rare occasion to be sure.

The menu is displayed next to the door so I studied it over before "the big night".  I pretty much knew what I wanted before I walked in.

Sea bass.........really tasty....but before that we had an appetizer

Escargot....the last time we had escargot was at Paris on the patio watching the fountains at the Bellagio.  Equally good at both places!!  We also had scallops wrapped in bacon as an appetizer.  Rex also had lobster bisque but I had a really great salad. 

Rex had steak and garlic mashed potatoes....the sample he gave me was really tasty.
The "Happy Campers" at the end of a great meal.....maybe we can get into this "date night" thing again!!


Anonymous said...

That last pic would have been more impressive if Rex would loose the hat. Afterall, it was "fine" dining, not?

Anonymous said...

What Barb said ..... just kiddin ... the snails looked yummy - Dave