Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Bye Naked Camping

Rex informed me that my “naked” camping days were coming to an end for this year VERY SOON.  Well that just I don’t really run around totally naked but some of these hot days I don’t wear a lot.  Neither does he for that matter.

Having to wear more clothes is one thing but having to give up my outside kitchen and the space in the garage is quite another.  Living in close quarters as we do, makes one really appreciate space.  That is going to be hard to give up.  The puzzles are going to be going away too.  Oh well something to look forward to next summer.

I will also miss this piece of property…….it is so pretty and I love all the hiking I can do here.  The solitude is wonderful and it is cool to see all the animals, well except for those very vicious, destructive ground squirrels.  Really could do without them.  Since we have started trapping them they are keeping their distance from the garage which is all I really wanted. 

Ok the plus side of going back to Blackstone.  Susie will have a lot more to look at out the windows.  In fact she will also have more windows to look out pretty soon.  Once the weather cools a little more we will be taking down the reflective window coverings that we put up to keep the heat out.  It will be fun watching her studying the more active outside surroundings.  She is great entertainment.

In about a month we will have more room…once the portable air conditioner is no longer needed and the large fan is put away.  Those two things take up a lot of space and that is one thing in short supply here.

I’ll be close enough to get back to the gym……really miss the gym.  Also close enough to the grocery store that I can go more often.  Which is a good thing as I am going to be without the full size fridge that we currently are using in the garage.  There is that space issue again!!

We will have daily Internet again!!  That is really appealing.  Have missed my usual daily reading but taking an Internet break is probably a good thing.

All in all, I like both places for different reasons and going between them always gives me something to look forward to.