Monday, November 29, 2010

I’m Still Here

By Susie-Q

I noticed that the Happy Campers haven’t mentioned ME in the blog lately, so I thought I’d take matters into my own paws and check-in.

Mostly I just lay around sleeping away 70% of my life like most cats.

sat 001

Recently the Happy Campers were gone a week house sitting.  No big deal, Steve, the neighbor, keeps an eye on me, and even comes over and leaves the door open so I can look outside. Look who showed up to torment the shit out of me.

sat 004

Yup, It’s that Damn Roadrunner.  We were both busy giving each other the Evil Eye and Tail Twitching treatment.

Allow me to get off on a side bar here and tell a story about this Damn Roadie. Last year He was next door tormenting Scruffy, Steve’s housecat, when Scruf was fed up and pounced on the screen door, the door flew open and Scruf was out of the motorhome. Scruf, like me, is strictly an indoor cat and was lost outside for over a week with no food.  There was an all points bulletin and everyone was searching high and low, day and night for poor Scruf.  We were all might happy when somebody spotted Scruf living in the wheel well of a motorhome two streets over, and Scuf was mighty happy to put on the feedbag and get back inside.

Another advantage to the Happy Campers leaving for a week is that Mary always buys me a new toy to play with while they are gone.  This time it was a rubber ball that lights up when I bang it around with my paws. What fun!

That’s it for today, now I’ll check for that Damn Roadie, then I’ll head back for a little cat nap.


susie 013 (2)



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