Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 tahoe tourist 019 A little while ago the Smith’s grocery store had “whole cooked lobsters” on sale for $5.99 each.  Just out of curiosity I had to check them out. 

lane 002

 Aren’t they cute in that red netting?  Who could resist?  Obviously not me.

lane 003

 Actually they are cute from all sides, not very big, but cute.

lane 004


lane 005


lane 006


lane 007

Quite honestly there was not much “meat” on them but it was good, I made sort of a half-assed lobster roll and it was a nice change of pace meal.  Then to be frugal, all the shells and guts went into a pot along with some Old Bay and a bay leaf to make some lobster stock.  This winter when we are hungry for soup, lobster bisque will be on the menu!