Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spooner Tails

By Uncle Hans

This is Fiona.  Renee had pet Rats, too,  when she was younger.  (I hope she did not have baboons or alligators, this is all getting a little strange, and it gets worse........) 

She sez once you get one by the tail, they make great pets, and only live a couple of years. well we bought Fiona from the pet store for $5 and got quite a bargain, as you can see..........

2011-08-24_10-56-18_766, about two weeks after we got her, she started building a very elaborate nest.  And on Sunday morning she delivered 9 "pups".   This is Monday morning.  If you look close there is one pup underneath the pile and it looks a little dusky............



.......but it was all OK, because Fiona ate it and the other 8 are very healthy.  More rat stuff later.


I bet you can't wait!........

By Uncle Hans


Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to send you a discount coupon for D-Con..