Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Orchard

By Uncle Hans

Our orchard is getting thin. The eight trees from 15 years ago are down to two. They are in the back on the right. They are loaded with blossoms, and it looks like a bumper year for both trees. There are two new trees, if you look close, to the left of the old trees. They are in pots, awaiting planting, which is today's chore.......


........Renee gets to use her little chainsaw, which she loves! Jake knows someone who smokes meats with apple wood, so these babies are going in the smoker. These two trees died of natural causes, not like the one that got run over by a snowmobile. Renee is dreaming of "apple crisp!, apple crisp!", but she will have to wait till Oct......




This little guy is a red maple we planted last spring. He seems to have wintered OK.............


By Uncle Hans