Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By  Uncle Hans

So we have gotten to know Tinker pretty in the year or so we have had him. But he seems a little clingy, like he is missing something. He hates reading those blogs about Susie and her new playmate......

tinker we caved in! We got him a little playmate. And they seem to get along well. The training is going OK, but having an older bird that can fly is kinda distracting for the training sessions......



By Uncle Hans


Dini said...

Hi Snookie,
My name is Dini, we met a Kohl's in wilm. De a couple of months ago when you were picking out rugs and pillows for your RV/Home. I was trying to see how they looked inside but I don't know how.

My e-mail add is:

Happy Traveling !!