Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love The Cabin

On vacation this week I decided to write down “Things I  Like About The Cabin”and blog about it.  So here is the list.


1.  I love, love, love the porch and the porch swing.  I grew up with both and used them lots!!   Great memories….

 greer 012

2.  Birch trees.  I know:  Birch trees???   But I saw them and had 2 thoughts- my mother-and-the Villa Louis.  Both make me think of birch bark canoes.  And to be quite honest, I have not seen a birch tree in ages.  There are stands of them here!!

aa 007

3.  The wonderful view.  A stand of pines, a meadow, and a pine  forest.  How cool is that..we have seen (while sitting on the porch), the following, a pied horse, stellar blue jays, deer, and rabbits.  What a  nature show!!

 show low 006_thumb[2]

4.  An entire afternoon of rain showers (some of which had small hail).  It smelled great afterward, and I got to feel cozy in sweats!!

I could not have ordered a better site for our July vacation!!

aa 002