Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Spooner Resort

By Uncle Hans

In the summer (approximately 40 days here in Spooner Wisconsin), the nations entire supply of "sunny and 85" descends on us. And that brings a few sun-worshippers with. Like Rex and Mary in the winter, friends and family stop in for a visit. And, like Laughlin or Vegas in the winter, Spooner can be a fun destination.

This year, we were luck to have both of Renee's siblings. Laura is from Seattle and Matthew is from Phoenix. Laura is not used to all the sun and warm temps. Matthew is not used to the cold weather.........


Of course, that means tubing behind the boat!


............there were cousins by the dozens as many live in central Minnesota.........


....the pontoon got a workout............


......on the 23rd, we marked Renee's birthday and our anniversary by a visit to the bridge where we got married. No one was invited, so we like to take people there who should have been invited, when they happen by


.....we stopped by to visit Paul, Hannah's horse. He lives down the road apiece, and likes the apples from our tree.

......Yes, summer in Spooner brings lots of fun, but the temps are already dropping into the 50's at night.

And the first frost is not long off!

Uncle Hans