Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sara’s Wedding

By Uncle Hans

We had great fun at the recent wedding of Cousin Sara and Adam. I would have posted earlier, but had some computer problems and just now got them resolved. When we got the invitation, Renee laid it out for me in a conspicuous place with her "thoughts" attached. She gets anxious around crowds, and noise, and Rechsteiners!!..............


......but with time and some cajoling, she got more interested and changed her mind. She even agreed to press my suit pants!......


...........Their videographer ditched them at the last minute and Godfather Uncle Hans got the tap for doing the wedding video. Neil dusted off an old video camera and got tapes and batteries all set to go. We will have to wait to see how it turned out, as it is in the process of conversion from tape to digital, then to Hannah for editing and placement on a DVD.

But this long-winded explanation is why I did not get any actual wedding pictures, I was too busy with the damned video camera. Here are a couple of shots at the reception. This is the all-important paper signing by the witnesses to make the whole thing legal......



.......I leave you with some random shots from the reception. The big surprise of the night was the "Father-daughter" dance with Neil and Sara. They had actually taken lessons and practiced, all in secret as a surprise for the whole crowd. I got it recorded, but it is dark as the lighting was poor. With a little luck and some help from Hannah, I hope to get it posted to YouTube so our trusty editor can bring it to this blog.




Stay tuned!....................

By Uncle Hans