Friday, November 16, 2012

What Is It??

When Rex went home to Wisconsin in May for his Mother’s funeral, I had the neighbor make me this little room.

X 016

I recently painted it, I know May was a while ago, but I don’t do anything during the 100 plus degrees  of summer.  Besides paint doesn’t cure in that kind of heat.

X 017

As you can see I have some plants in there and a chiminea and a nice easy chair.  It’s dimensions  are 4 feet by 9 feet.  My intentions were just to have a place to go contemplate life.  And to decorate (which I am not done with) and to just play with.  Am I too old for a play house??

X 018

Rex refers to it as my  “Zen Garden” but I think his true opinion is “Mary’s Folly”.