Thursday, May 23, 2013

La Crosse

From Mt. Hope we went to La Crosse, where all of my children and 6 of my 7 grandchildren live. I have not seen any of them, except for my daughter Heather, for over a year.  Heather came to Mohave Valley to visit us last September.

I confess…I am the type of Grandmother that says things like “your shorts are TOO short, you have too much makeup on, etc, etc.”  Because of this I really wanted to do something that they would all enjoy and something that would give them a favorable memory of “grouchy” Grandma.  So I asked that they would all be available on Friday night for pizza at Heather’s house.  I would order pizza’s from Edwardo’s Pizza Wagon and get  sodas for everyone.  Fortunately no one said they couldn’t make it.

vacation 034


This is one of the 5 pizzas I ordered.

vacation 033

I also ordered cheese curds….and these are the BEST damn cheese curds I have ever had.  I will definitely be ordering these every time I am in La Crosse.

vacation 039

These are my lovely daughters, Heather and Nikki.  In addition to pizza I wanted to do something special for everyone, remember I have not seen any of these people for over 1.5 years.  So I got the bright idea for balloons.

vacation 043

I got 20 balloons for 10 people so everyone got 2 balloons.  Inside the balloons was MONEY.  Two balloons had $50, 2 had $20, 6 had $10, and 10 had $5.


vacation 044

This is my youngest grandchild, RJ, opening up his rolled up bill…this one was a $5.

vacation 049

The whole beautiful group with me after popping their balloons. 

Nobody complained…..a successful visit!!

Next is Green Bay……


Mikey said...

wow what a cool Grandma!!