Friday, May 3, 2013

Snow Again?

By Uncle Hans

   .....Yup, another 6 inches of the heavy wet white stuff.  I could not lift the hot tub cover, I had to shovel it off first!  But don't worry Rex and Mary, we I'll have the mess cleaned up by the time you arrive.  And it will be warm and sunny!!.......


Not another blog on late spring from Spooner?!?.  Well, we made the national news, apparently.  Neil texted me about the 12 inches of snow we got.  My realtor from Texas asked about it, too........

  ........this was my trip to work yesterday.






    A late spring snow is actually a thing of wonder.  It lasts but a day or two.  It shortens the "spring fire season", a big problem up here.  It raises the lake level (yea!).  It makes the farmers happy (we are still in the 54% of America officially in a drought). and, as you can see, it is beautiful.  Remember, without the nice white frosting, our landscape is a dreary, dirty brown and will be for two more weeks until the green finally appears.

     Oh, by the way, it is snowing again this morning.............

By Uncle Hans


Upriverdavid said...

Howdy Uncle Hans..Last week up here in North Central Washington I mowed the lawn..The next day it snowed..and the next..Today was 84*
and sweet..So the good weather is headed your way! Nothing to worry about Rex and me..