Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The End Of The Ski Season

By Uncle Hans

Here is the problem.  This is my neighbor, Danny.  He is an excellent skier\, as you can see.  What does not show in the picture is that he got up on two skis and dropped one.  That is very embarrassing for an excellent skier.  The problem is not Danny, who is "strong like bull", but, rather, the motor on the boat is too weak to pull him up effectively.


........this motor is an 85hp, 20+ years old and underperforming.  It's a long story, but my trusty old 90hp died of oil injection pump failure.  The long-sought-after replacement was a marvelous 115hp which promptly died of a water pump failure.  The 85 is the longer-sought-after replacement for the 115, but it is old and tired and not strong enough to pull up Danny on one ski................

    What to do?


  .....Well, I watched this ugly old boat sit on the side of the road for sale all summer for $1,000.  Then in mid-August, I made my move, buying it for $800.  Why would I want an ugly old boat that no one else wanted?......



......because it has a 100hp motor on the back!  Danny made the switch, no easy task and we put the old ugly boat with my old ugly 85 back out on the road and it sold in a week.

for $800

20130823_134013 20130823_135002
Go figure....

....It pulled Danny up like a charm.  I was so enthused that I went myself, .........wobbling and shaking and on two skis, like always.   I pulled the boat, took it to the dealer for a tune-up and winterizing, and put it away for the long winter. 

    The spring of '14 promises to be a thing of wonder. 

     We may even get Rex up on skis!!

By Uncle Hans