Saturday, January 11, 2014


accoutrement:  equipment, trappings: specifically a: a soldier’s outfit usually not including clothes and weapons—usually used in plural.  b : an accessory item of clothing or equipment

I usually go walking in the morning when I get up.  This time of year when the weather is cold (ya I know all you Wisconsinites are snickering and rolling your eyes at my use of the word cold) I need accoutrement.

m 003

Gloves, scarf, ear muffs, and a visor.  Does anyone recognize the muffs with the letter R??  I use the visor to shade my face from the Arizona sun in an attempt (not that successfully) to ward off wrinkles.  Besides I don’t like the sun in my eyes.  I also wear sunglasses which I forgot to include in the picture.

m 006

This is my “safety” gear.  Phone,  whistle, and water.   Never know when I might get hurt or lost in the desert.  I also have my water which has that handy clip to clip on my belt loop.  And of course, Chap Stick because I can hardly go a half hour without applying that. In fact there is a backup Chap Stick in the black pouch attached to the whistle. Oh ya, that white thing is my pedometer….gotta keep track of those 10,000 steps I’m suppose to take every  day.

m 007

I like to use walking poles.  Mainly I use them because I walk in the desert and they come in handy…..never know what you will find there.  They also gives my hands and arms something to do.

m 001

So this is what I look like when I start out.  I usually ditch the gloves and ear muffs within 15 minutes or so.  Then the scarf gets loosened and the coat gets unzipped and then tied around my waist.

I intend to take the camera on one of my next walks so you can see where I go.  I like my walk because of the varied terrain.  I just think it makes my leg muscles stronger if they aren’t always walking on flat surfaces.  Presents more of a challenge for them.

When I first came to AZ I really didn’t like the scenery……all that brown, not like the green and trees of WI.  But as the years have flown by and they do fly by, I have come to appreciate the landscape of AZ  and now truly enjoy the desert!


Mikey said...

cold cold hahahha sorry mary can't wait to see u guys in March !! Went to work the other day -22 now that's cold lol