Sunday, January 19, 2014


I took the camera on my hike the other day.  As usual, my pictures suck but I will try to give you a sense of my hike. My goal is always to make this walk every day but that doesn’t always happen.  If I make it 4 or 5 days, I’m happy.


HIKE 001

 I start out on Boundary Cone Rd. 

HIKE 003

 I usually walk on the slanted part.  I feel that is a little more challenging.  Walking on flat surfaces all the time isn’t that good for you.  At least that is my opinion.

HIKE 005

 This is where the desert starts for my walk.   As you can see it is a road for 4 wheelers although I have never seen  one on these roads.  Usually I walk along the edges.  About a quarter mile down this road I stop and do my version of a “sun salutation” pose.  I also do stretches using my poles a counter balances.

HIKE 011

 This is the loose sand part of my walk,  I really like the way it just gives way when I walk on it.

HIKE 012

 My pole is buried about 3 inches in the sand.  This is the half way mark of my hike and is about 1.5 miles from home.

HIKE 014

 On the way back home, this is the steepest part.  The entire hike I am losing elevation, I’m guessing at least 100 feet and as surprising as it may seem, I can really feel the difference in temperature from the start to the end.

HIKE 016

 Ah, the picnic table….I stop here and do 5 different exercises and stretches using the table as my equipment.  I sorta look funny but who cares.  One of the perks of age!  You know I really do exercise quite a bit and one thing I know to be true after years and years:  exercise will make you strong not skinny!!

HIKE 017

 I took this picture of to show the distance between the streets in our RV park.  The next part of my walk uses these distances.  I walk sideways (or grapevine for the line dancers out there) one block, the next block I walk sideways the other direction.  Then I walk backwards.  Mixing up my walking this way helps with  my agility and flexibility.  At least that is what I tell myself.

HIKE 019

Home again, home again….jiggety jig!!


Mikey said...

And were is Rex during the walk ??? LOl