Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Snow-In-The-Desert" Blog

By Uncle Hans

When Uncle Hans blogs without a picture, it is serious.  I don't even know if the editor will print this, it is political.  I am responding to the "snow-in-the-desert" blog.  I am a crackpot.  Ideas and theories that go against the majority (and often turn out to be wrong).  Nutrition.  Fashion.  Religion.  Global warming.  You name it. I have a new crackpot theory, taken from a small but growing bunch of scientists who think weather and temperatures are determined more by the activity of the sun than the activities of mankind (anthropogenic).  The anthropogenic effect is real, and causing a little raise in global temps.  But the activity of the sun, which is cyclic and fairly dependable, has a much larger effect.  This effect comes around every 200 or so years.  400 years ago, they had festivals on the ice of the Thames river in London and it was called the "little ice age".  200 years ago, there was so much famine in Europe from crop failure that it caused the French revolution 1789 and  Napoleon was defeated in Russia by an extremely cold winter a few years later.  Crops failed in New England, and caused a westward migration in this country, as well.

    In short, there is a lot of science behind this, the global temperature graphs and the sun activity graphs are scary in the way they correspond and they predict a cooling trend starting about 1995 and bottoming out in 2031, with raising temps after that back to a fairly "normal" range by 2050.  The cooling since 1995 has indeed been offset by the anthropogenic "global warming" effect.  So there has been NO change in global temperatures since 1998 (an "Inconvenient Truth" that Al Gore's fails to mention).  Starting in 2010, the effect of the sun has been stronger than the anthropogenic and temps are starting to go down.  Snow in the desert.  15,000 cars stranded in the snow in Europe last week.  Our summer last year was cool, I put half the usual miles on the motorcycle.  Our winter last year was wide and deep.....6 nights below -30.  This winter started off rough, we had more snow and cold in November, as did eastern USA, setting records.  ( I DO remember Rex's blogs about triple digits in the desert last summer, but I am talking about trends and patterns)

    So I am going out on the crackpot limb, predicting slowly more cooling until 2031, when crops may fail in the breadbasket of the world, the Midwest.  Only time will tell, but if that happens, a lot of scientists and politicians will have some 'splaining to do !

By Uncle Hans


norm said...

U. Hans.....those pols will be dead, as most likely will the rest of us.
But, I agree with your conclusion.