Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Shoes? GRRRRR!!

By Uncle Hans

New Shoes?  GRRRRR!!

    Ever since I grudgingly bought little Jake a pair of designer $75 athletic shoes 30 years ago, I have been dead set against that concept, namely paying nearly $100 for roughly $6.00 worth of plastic and rubber .  Like most of fashion, it is preying on the gullible, somehow convincing them they "have to have it", then soaking them for the privilege of owning some impractical shiny bauble.

    So, needless to say, with an attitude like that, I have never owned expensive, designer, brand-named athletic shoes.  I wear cheap knock-off imitation shoes built in some unpronounceable  southeast Asian country by little girls working 14 hour days for 12 cents an hour     Then, in August, Renee and I were window shopping in Shawano out of boredom and we found a pair of designer shoes on the clearance rack for $25.  They fit, although they were women's.    I thought, What the Heck?  give it a try.  Maybe they will make me a better athlete or a better person like the advertisements promise...........




.....I wore them about 90 days, then switched back to leather loafers when I stopped wearing shorts November 1st.  Since then only a few hours of volleyball.   That little white spot is my sock.  A hole has been worn in the toe.  From that minimal use!  I hate fashion!  It is a ripoff!


   So it is off to the store to buy cheap imitations (which last a year)  Oh Well. 
                                                                                                    Those little girls have to eat, too.

By Uncle Hans