Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aunt Kathy’s Birthday

By Uncle Hans

This year Neil was finally out of surprise birthday party ideas for Kathy.  He had surprised her at 30 with the blindfold/convertible ride to the fairgrounds.  He had used an elaborate motorcycle/two-guys-with-a-banner/Lodi-Susie the Duck at 40.  He had to resort to doing the 50 at 49 to achieve a total surprise.  Now, 10 years later, he was stumped.  But Sarah came to the rescue with a great idea.  Surprise her with NO party.  Just send out balloons to everyone, have them write birthday greetings on them and return them, fill them with helium and pack them into the living room.  THAT should surprise her!!



  .......Just for good measure, they did have a surprise party for the balloon unveiling three days after her birthday.  Neil and Kathy drove up in her new Volvo.


  Here Kathy shows off her Scentsy Packers light ......a gift from Renee


    ( I won't say how old she is.....after 50 women don't get any older!)

By Uncle Hans