Thursday, September 24, 2015


 One of the biggest benefits to living in the mountains in the summer is the ability to have flowers.  I tried for years to grow flowers and plants in Mohave Valley but they all died….the heat and dryness defeated me.  Now my Mohave Valley flowers are all metal!!  But I am please to say summer flowers are back in my life.



This beautiful orange flower is a dahlia and they grow from bulbs.  Hopefully it will come back on it’s own next year.



Another perennial called sedum.  I used to have these in La Crosse, the flowers start out as a very pale pink and gradually darken to burgundy.   They are also easily divided so I will be having more every year!



Some annuals that I got this year….I have decided that I will NEVER buy petunias again.  They look pretty good here but most of the summer they looked horrible.  Next year I will be on to something new.



This is a coleus, doesn’t flower but has spectacular leaves.  There are several varieties and they all have very colorful leaves.



Another variety of coleus, love them they have such beautiful leaves.  Next year I intend to have several varieties, planted in the ground to create a border along the back of the yard.  Cannot wait, it will be impressive!!



It’s not fall without mums…..aren’t they pretty??



Pyracantha, a perennial that was here when we moved here.  They have these pretty orange berries (not edible) on them.  The ones we have are pretty leggy so starting next year I will be pruning them to try and get them under control.  A lot of places here have this plant as a hedge.  Really pretty but they have prickers and can bite you….



Ah….the lovely fuchsia,  This had an open flower when I bought it and one other, otherwise nothing.  Now when we are getting ready to leave, it has all of these buds on it.  I wish one was open because the outer petals are this hot pink color but the inside is a deep purple.  They are gorgeous!!

Hopefully next summer, this blog will be full of even more beautiful flowers and plants!!