Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Loons

By Uncle Hans

Been a while for a blog from Uncle Hans.   The pair of Loons that live on our lake have not produced a baby for 3 or more years.  Yesterday, the little one appeared (at least to us) for the first time.


  The cell phone camera struggles with the distance through the living room window glass, but you get the idea.  I worry about the size of the baby.  I think they are running late. They have about 90 days to make an adult that can fly a thousand miles out of that thing no bigger than my fist today.  The last picture, with the flag, is of Mom with the baby on it's back.

20170704_162921 (2)

They are hiding out in front of our house because the lake is quite active today for the holiday weekend and there is really no safe place that's not near the edge.  Mom and Dad don't like the edge that much either with the little one so vulnerable....

The Climatus are having a banner year....always fun to watch.


Uncle Hans