Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another Loss

By Uncle Hans


For our next game, we traveled to Hancock Michigan, home of Finlandia College. It's a 10 hour drive, and Spooner happens to be about halfway there, so I drove myself and had the luxury of spending a night or two at home. The visiting locker room at Finlandia is a mile from the field in a hockey arena. Only in Finlandia do you find a sauna in the locker room!


We suited up and went on the field for some warm up. It was a beautiful fall afternoon


We had the usual Indy drills, where individual skills are honed. I do Indy's with the receivers because of my inability to catch the ball. I am determined to learn that skill. It must be paying off because I caught several........


It was a pretty evenly matched game, and fun to watch. We ended up losing 27 to 21. We lost 90 yards in 13 penalties. These are mental errors. And the backup quarterback went down with a nasty ankle sprain. The starting quarterback is still recovering from appendicitis. I stepped up as team doctor and injected his ankle right on the sidelines. Steroid and long-acting local anesthetic. He was able to return to the game and actually contributed quite a bit after that point.


This is what the ankle look like the next day indicating a substantial injury. I don't think the injection made the injury worse and it allowed him to get back into the game and make a difference.


Uncle Hans

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