Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Taliesin West

I have been a life long admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Growing up about 50 miles from where he did, probably has something to do with it and the fact that my Dad was a fan.  I’ve been to Taliesin East in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Being in Arizona makes it easier to visit Taliesin West, the school of architecture founded by Mr. Wright.  I was there in the ‘80s and this trip was a lot different and I can’t even say specifically why, but it was.

Mr. Wright bought one square mile of land in the Arizona desert to build the Western campus of his school for about $3.50 an acre in 1937.  So he paid about $10,000 for that one square mile……our guide didn’t say what the current value is and unfortunately I didn’t ask.   When they drilled a well a few years later, after hauling water to the site for years, they had to drill over 500 feet and that also cost about $10,000.


This structure was at the entrance.  At Taliesin you find a lot of water pools because Mr. Wright’s schools both burned at different times so he made a lot of places to find water…..not easy to do in the desert.


On of may sculptures on the grounds.  A lot of them are Asian in nature due to the fact that Mr. Wright spent time in Asia designing buildings.






One of twelve scenes like this on the property.  They are all pretty similar and from Japan.


This is one of my favorite rooms.  It is huge and used as a Saturday night gatherings which Mr. Wright insisted that his apprentices attend.  The men were required to wear tux’s and the women evening gowns.  These origami chairs are constructed out of one piece of plywood and are very, very comfortable.


This is the theater and is stilled used for concerts and plays.

Taliesin is still a working school. the apprentices study and work here during the winter months, but come May 1 they load up and head out to Spring Green, WI to study and work there.

This is definitely a worthwhile place to visit.