Saturday, January 30, 2021


Disgusted, yup, that is what I am, just plain old disgusted! 

I am disgusted by the human race.

I am disgusted that we can't get along. 

I am disgusted that the level of greed and avarice of people, especially people in power, has led to the ruination of our planet.

I am disgusted that we can't seem to get it right.  To be perfectly honest, I think that the "Golden Rule" and The Ten Commandments are excellent guidelines for anyone's behavior.

I am disgusted that there doesn't seem to be any right or wrong anymore.

I am disgusted that we are willing to accept people that are in power acting like bullies on the playground.

My Mother used to say that she thought that someday there would be a giant "pop" and it would all be gone.

I think if all of the supervolcanoes got organized and erupted at the same time that could happen.  Just ask the dinosaurs!

If some such event should occur, I pray that the next intelligent creature to crawl out of the primordial ooze is blessed with common sense, kindness, and an understanding that this planet has enough for all if we would just take care of it.