Sunday, January 3, 2021


Television sure isn't what it used to be!

Remember the good old days when it was either off or on?  How about being "the remote" for your parents?  How about the test pattern when the station signed off from the broadcast day with the national anthem? And I can't forget the responsibility of knowing the schedule for all stations.  CBS, ABC, and NBC.  That was long before Fox and etc, etc, etc.  My parents really appreciated that I could tell them what was on and when.

I remember the days when Saturday morning was the realm of Sky King, Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry, and many other wholesome heroes.  The Lone Ranger,  Marshall Jay, and Captain Kangaroo were also some of the clear "good guys" on TV.

The heroes were obvious and not just because they wore white hats.  They had principles and standards, they also knew that "right was right and wrong was wrong".  I miss the days when you knew who the good guys were.  I actually like my good guys without the flaws that most "heroes" of today's TV and movies have.

Anyway, I digress from the original point of my post.  TV is no longer by the airwaves, the cable is on the way out, but we now have streaming.

The point of this blog was actually to recommend a series available to anyone with CBS ALL ACCESS.  Having CBS All Access opens the door to the "Smithsonian" network.  I have been watching Aerial American and am hooked.  They give you a birds-eye view of each state accompanied by a narration of the highlights of the state and its history.  It is so very, very interesting.  Do yourself a favor and watch this very inspiring series.