Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are we in Wisconsin Toto?

By Mary
Custom Smiley Wow....the area in Northern California we traveled to today really reminded me of home. It was beautiful and we took enough pictures to do a web page. I'll blog when we get it finished and posted. The picture below shows both apple trees and grape vines. And across the road was a Christmas Tree farm. It was really strange see all that in a 180. Also just down the road was a giant pumpkin patch. We were really in California farm country today!!

We visited three wineries and let me tell you after wine tasting in three are feeling the effects of the vino!! I ended up buying six bottles!! I should be well stocked for a while!!

The town of Placerville (Pop. 8400) was really quaint with a lot of cute shops. Of course I visited my share. Placerville isn't in the mountains so it was really hot and Rex didn't like that much. He also didn't like the fact that you couldn't smoke anywhere. Welcome to California!!

Ok..countdown...40 days to lift off...I cannot wait!!