Friday, July 28, 2006

Spooner Lake

By Mary
Custom Smiley Another day off...two in a row...we like it!!
Today we went on a hike around Spooner Lake. Last year when we did this hike a fire helicopter was there sucking up water to fight a forest fire. That was a real interesting sight. It is such a pretty hike and very diverse. It starts and ends in the forest, but the middle is through a meadow and also some marsh.

I forgot to mention our stop at a roadside fruit and vegetable stand yesterday. So of course after our hike today I need to organize and clean out the fridge. I started by making fresh salsa and ended up making pizza. Pizza gets rid of a lot of leftovers. I usually make a half recipe of pizza dough but decided to make the full recipe to see if I can freeze this dough. Kind of a good thing to know before we get to Cheese Days since we plan to grill pizzas there. The bread machine will certainly get a workout in Wisconsin if all of our plans work out.

Countdown time...39 days to lift off!!! Out of the 40s and into the 30s...time marches on!!