Friday, July 7, 2006


By Mary
Custom Smiley Ok everybody that knows me knows how much I like to cook. This past winter while in Bullhead City, I joined a gym. I was very faithful about going 4 to 5 days a week and one of the reasons was because while I was on either the elliptical machine or treadmill, I could watch Food Network and/or HGTV.

That was my introduction to Rachel Ray, although I knew who she was it was my first chance to actually watch her cook. I really wanted the knife she used to chop stuff with so one day when I got home from the gym I begged Rex to buy me her knife for my birthday. Actually I asked if he would split the $70 price with me. He TOTALLY surprised my by saying he would just buy it for me!! Cool!!

So I got the knife and I really, really like it. Reading the enclosed material, I noticed that Rachael endorsed a particular knife sharpener which is the same brand of the knife...FURI. So I went on-line to look for one of those too.
Guess what the price of that was???

I got it today...I had promised myself that the first paycheck at Lake Tahoe that netted me $1100.00 or more I would buy the FURI sharpener. Did anyone guess the correct price??

It was $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sharpener will be available to anyone that wants to sharpen their knives while we are home in Sept.