Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy, Happy Campers

Since you are reading this, I guess you know that we have a blog called “The Happy Campers”.  You are also aware that we recently purchased a cabin in the mountains.   So here are some new pictures of our cabin.



When we were in Wisconsin in June, Kathy Rechsteiner gifted us the top sign that says “Happy Campers”.  This was way before any cabin was in the picture.  The “Welcome to our cabin” sign was already in the cabin when we bought it.  Don’t you think cabins and bears sort of go together??



See what I mean…..he just looks so at home here…and he was here when we got here too.



The geraniums on the deck.  This is Rex’s favorite flower…..this summer anyway.



And of course the deck would not be complete without pizza on the Devil’s egg!!

This cabin is just so damn cute I can’t stand it!!!  We are so blessed!!


Mikey said...

Cabins and bears oh my lol