Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sentinel Cats

We have a nice screen porch on the cabin with double doors.  They are very convenient when moving large items in.




Sure wish you could see the yard beyond this picture because it is a nice view, one which we look at nightly over cocktails!!




Ah….these are the sentinel cats….one looks outside and one looks inside.  I feel so much better knowing they are on duty.  They make me feel so protected and looked after…..



My farmer’s market zinnias.  They are so pretty…love them.  How do you like the vase???  Yup an empty bottle of Gentleman Jack.  It was really good too.  This is also a shot of the screen porch.  Gotta be my favorite room in the cabin.  So cozy and inviting.  So in that spirit, I am inviting anyone that wants and come visit the mountain cabin!!


Mikey said...

1 bedroom were do we sleep not enough room on door sill with the cats