Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Yard


 Our new cabin on the mountain has a great yard.  Doesn’t have any grass but plenty of space for plants. It is a big yard for an RV park and needs a lot of work.  I see progress every day but it will take years to get it to where I want it.  Hope I live long enough….



 Some of the plants we moved over from our other place.  Looks sunny right now but most of the day this area is in shadow because of the number of trees we have.  It is really cool to have a yard that actually looks like a park.



 The yard has a lot of different areas so we have given them names.  This area is called Rex’s garden.  It is right out the door of the screen porch. 




Much to our shock and surprise, the yard has underground sprinklers that are on a timer.  It is also divided into two zones.  The first set of sprinklers turn on a 4:37 PM, waters for 10 minutes, then the second set goes on and sprinkles for 10 minutes.  It is really cool.  We actually have decided that they are our own “Bellagio Fountains”!

Every afternoon we are right there to see them!!

What can I say……we are easily entertained!!