Friday, March 30, 2007


By Mary
Custom Smiley Remember yesterday's post about having less than three weeks to get ready? Today's focus was all on coming back in May.

My daughter, Heather, is flying here to ride back to Wisconsin with me. It makes a long drive easier if you don't have to do it alone and Heather has made the trip with me before. We travel well together and I am looking forward to spend that much time with her without any distractions.

So now I have been wondering about the drive back to Nevada after my visit at home. I asked my other daughter about coming back with me but it wouldn't work out for her. So I decided to ask if my 13 year old granddaughter could skip school for a week and ride with me. This morning I got an e-mail saying yes!!! Cool!! This will be fun and a great adventure for her.

I got online to make her return flight reservation, oh-oh now we have hit a snag. My favorite airline, Frontier, has a rule. Unaccompanied minors can only fly on direct flights. There is no direct flight from Reno to Minneapolis. Wow now what?? So we checked for flights out of Sacramento, same direct flights. Rex, my problem solver, kept looking online and discovered that Delta will allow minors 8 to 14 years old to fly using connecting flights. Thank goodness!! I sure didn't want to be the one to tell a 13 year old girl...sorry you can't come. Not after she was all built up for the trip and excited about it. That would not be pretty.

Today I was able to chat online with Delilah, the 13 year old. We discussed the states we will be going through, some of the sights we will see, the weather, and lots of other aspects of her trip. She sounds excited and so am I.

After chatting with Delilah, I chatted with her Mom. We talked about the 1,800 mile trip that will take at least 3 long hard days especially since I will be the only driver. Then my daughter says...did you know Delilah gets car sick? NO I DIDN'T!!


saucersrus said...

Better have her keep a journal and be a guest author on the blog. I would love to hear about 1,800 miles from a 13 year old's perspective!!! Could be a fun scrapbook project for school too.

Anonymous said...

When i told you Delilah gets car sick she was standing over me telling me she gets car sick i have yet to prove that fact...maybe you will be able to let me know if she really is........we don't travel far;)