Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's My Turn...

There was a note on the table when I got home from work.. "Mary, blog for tomorrow". That little note really puts me in a panic.

Rex is a really good writer, I often think he is a frustrated teacher. He is also very entertaining in his very unique way of looking at the world. He usually sees the humor in most situations. I, on the other hand, am a very factual person. I tend to write about what I did today and most of my days are, frankly, not very interesting. So, is it surprising that I oftentimes feel intimidated trying to compete with his blogs??? I do...but I will give it a go.

Today was my early day at work. I went in at noon as opposed to 4PM. My job today was the collection the money and sign up players in the AVI's blackjack tournament. To do this job, I get to sit in a chair, not the usual position of a dealer. Being done by 8PM was the icing on the cake.

This is week four for me, I will be done working on Saturday April 14th. I am really looking forward to having a break from work, and I am very anxious to get home to see my Mother not to mention my children. I am worried about how little time I have to get everything done before I go. Actually I have three lists going, "take to WI", "bring back from WI", and "to do be4 I go". These lists keep growing!!

This past week was a great "toke week". That means our hourly tip rate was very good, in fact the best rate we have had all winter, including New Year's Eve. I can't begin to express how surprising that is.

OMG, here it is 11PM and Rex just got home, guess that means this blog is done!!


Rex has asked me to add the following post script:



Anonymous said...


A good blog, see it's not that hard. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It brightened my day at 5:45 AM. I am doing my computer thing until the sunrise, when I go sit in the hot tub........