Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Getting Close Now

By Mary
Custom Smiley This week I had to turn in my LOA (leave of absence) letter. Sure makes me realize that I have a LOT to do in the next less than three weeks before I leave for WI. The list is long but I am sure it will all work out.

I am not alone...everyday more and more of our winter neighbors disappear. A sure sign of spring! Yesterday a toy box with a bike rolled in, they are early for "biker" weekend which is an annual event the last full week end in April. We usually get a few bikers in our RV park and we are on the road to Oatman, one of the stops all the bikers hit. The last week end in April can get really loud here!!

Another problem we have to work on before I leave is to figure out how to secure the desk and desk chair. Light stuff has a tendency to fly around if it isn't secured. Will also have to add a few things to our "preflight" check list. Like pilots, we have a check list so we don't forget the important stuff, such as crank down the antenna. That could be a costly oversight. I feel bad that Rex will have to do all of this stuff by himself. And I will be a nervous wreck until I know he has landed safely in Carson City!!

We had a reader the other day mention that typing in caps is considered shouting. So once again I will address the reason Rex types in all caps. He is one of those "hunt and peck" typist and it is easier for him. He doesn't have to stop and put capital letters at the beginning of sentences and anywhere else they are needed. I suppose you could say it is slightly lazy. Anyway that is why he types in all caps, to his way of thinking it is just simpler. And he is just a "simpler" guy.

In case anyone is wondering, I do like the new setup in here with a desk instead of a very uncomfortable sofa sleeper. Now I feel like I should find a way to make money in our new office. That would be nice......any suggestions??


saucersrus said...

Desk?? did I miss pictures of this new office??