Friday, April 4, 2008

Bullhead Health Club

I often mention going to the gym so I thought people might be interested in seeing what it looks like.

This is the front of the gym.....

Ah, weight machines....or some days I think of them as torture machines.

Free weights....and the required wall of mirrors to check out your form.

Ab machines.....gosh I think I need to spend more time in here!! My abs leave a lot to be 6 pack there!!

One of my favorite places in the gym....the elliptical machines placed right in front of the TV's. You can see the TV's but you can't hear unless you are moving....that is a great motivator!! Behind the elliptical machines is a bank of treadmills. There is also a room that has spin bikes and where they hold classes such as yoga and jazzercise.

I have really gotten into using this rowing machine, it is pretty fun.
Have you noticed there isn't any people in these pictures. There actually were about 4 people in the whole place working out. Precisely the reason I go the time I do. I don't particularly like crowds and the gym is usually quiet mid day. Works great for my schedule.

This picture is taken as I am leaving the gym..see that white Arizona car in the distance??? That is where I always amuses me when I see cars parked up close to the door...aren't people there to work out?? So why park as close as you can?? I must be missing something.

Anyway this is where I spend my work out time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did notice no people. A nice muscular, hunk would have been nice in the pics.