Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Useless Stero System

For some strange reason RV manufacturers think they should put a stereo system in. That would be fine except they put really cheap ones in that don't work all that great. And besides Rex and I never use it.

So I began to think of other uses for that space.....the speakers and the radio are pretty large so that is a lot of wasted space in my opinion. Although we do keep the liquor behind the door so that space isn't wasted:).

See all the holes I have to it. The liquor moved to where the stereo was. Made more sense to put it there. So now, as you can clearly see, we need a door to hide it. After learning that a matching door the proper size to fit this space would cost about $150, we decided to recycle the door we took off the top...the only problem --it is 3.5 inches short. Well for someone that watches as much HGTV as I do that should not be a problem..should it?

I don't know why I didn't think to move all the junk before taking this picture but anyway, what you are suppose to notice it the wood with the clamps. I had to use wood glue to attach a shim to make my wood piece fit the space correctly.

That leaf is actually a drawer pull and the tube is gold paint that I got to make the drawer pull more attractive.

This is the "high tech" painting procedure I used...

I think they are improved...

This is the finished look...the piece of sand stone is held in place by the leaf drawer pulls. The wood piece that was in the earlier picture is the back brace for the sand stone. I love the way it turned out.

Ah, the bigger picture ......did you notice what now resides in the spot vacated by the liquor???? A wine rack, doesn't it look nice??? The other two spots are eventually meant to be shadow boxes with shelves. That project is on hold for the time being but you can be sure pictures will show up here when that is done.


saucersrus said...

Can't wait 'til BB08 to see this up close and in real life!! Looks great Handy Mary!!!