Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WEEK # 1

OMG (oh my God), IT'S WEEK # 1!!

Remember 9 weeks ago when we mentioned that once you got to single digits the weeks fly by??? Once again that has held true. The weeks have somehow evaporated and we are now starting our last five days (one hand) of work at the AVI for the 2007-2008 winter season. Now the pace accelerates and we have daily lists of things to accomplish. The lists are on post it notes on the mirror. To make all of those tasks interesting is the fact that traffic will be horrendous due to the "bikers" coming for "Bike Week".

So what are some of the items on our daily lists? Oil change for the Honda is one and putting the Arizona car in storage is another. The trailer also has an appointment to have the wheels greased and bearings packed. That is a definite necessity considering we are planning to haul it about 8500 miles this year. Please no reminders on the price of gas!! This appointment is a pain in the ass since we have to hook up and haul the trailer to the RV place.

We also both have appointments for hair cuts. Want to look nice when we get to Tahoe!! Oh and I sure can't forget a final trip to my favorite library to return my last checked out items. I sure miss my library during the summer as the library in Lake Tahoe really SUCKS! Thankfully I can continue to use emedia to download books for my MP3 player.

That more or less summerizes the errands away from the camper. Now we also have lots and lots of stuff to do inside and outside the camper. Packing for over the road travel and securing inside items are also on the list. We are lucky as we have done this so many times we can hook up and be on the road in about 45 minutes if necessary. Practice makes perfect!!

The only thing standing between us and vacation is 5 days of work....and they will go fast!!

Happy Third Birthday to Eddie Saucer!!