Monday, June 2, 2008

Genoa Home and Garden Tour

Today I went to Genoa, the first settlement in the state of Nevada, to a home and garden tour. The original tour had 7 homes on it, but one cancelled and quite frankly, I couldn't find one of them. It was a self guided tour and really strung out. All of the homes were supposed to be marked by a sign and a balloon.....if there was one I totally missed it.

This is the front on one of the homes, it is "The Dake House" which is a Victorian build in 1872. C.W. Dake was Genoa's undertaker and justice of the peace. Currently it is used as an antique shop. The orange flowers here are actually poppies and the poppy garden is 140 years old.

One of the other homes "The Buffaloe Home" had this fella in the front yard. No I didn't misspell buffalo, that is actually the surname of the couple that lives here. With a surname like that, they obviously collect buffaloes. If I had to guess I would say they had between 200 and 250 buffaloes in their home, statues, painting, and stuffed. They also had a lot of "Southwest Art" in their home. It was a newer home and very beautiful with a wonderfully landscaped yard.

The Genoa Cemetery was also on the tour. This is the tombstone of John Thompson also know as Snowshoe Thompson. In the 1800's he snowshoed the mail over the Sierra Nevada. The mail must have been monumentally important to these people because we have seen statues of this man so many places. Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, Genoa and Tuckee are just a few of the places. In addition to statues, we have seen many plaques dedicated to the story of Snowshoe it is just amazing.