Monday, June 30, 2008

Miller Genuine Draft Light, or more affectionately, "64"

I feel I must reply to Rex's question about the Miller Genuine Draft I am loading into the refrigerator of our RV in my recent blog. On the surface, this looks like a wanton abandonment of an old family tradition of drinking cheap watery beer, namely Milwaukee's Best Light. Wendy took the picture and accidentally cut off the labelling..........

......In actuality, this beer is a new product called Miller Genuine Draft Light, or more affectionately, "64". It has 2.8% alcohol and 64 calories. It is in "test-marketing" started in Madison and expanded to 4 states now. We find it very useful. You cannot get drunk on it, just get a nice buzz. It tastes only OK, kinda stale and empty, like they watered it down. Wendy alternates with Miller light (only because most bars don't stock Milwaukee's Best Light, remember, that is the same beer as Miller light according to some) It is kind to the waistline as well. It will be interesting to follow how it catches on and whether Bud creates something to compete with it, etc. More on this later, I am sure.......

Uncle Hans

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