Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homeward Bound

I am excited!! Why you ask? I am going home to Wisconsin in 12 days! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. AND as an added bonus, I will be there for my Mother's 88th birthday and Mother's Day. Now that is cool!

No matter where I live, Wisconsin will always be my home...well, maybe not so much in Jan., Feb., and Mar! Now that I know you can experience winter without snow, ice, and below zero temps I like it!

For my Mother's birthday I got her one of those picture frames that does a slide show of pictures. I think I got pictures of just about everyone, at least I sure asked people to either e-mail or snail me pictures and I am happy to report that I got quite a few of them. She will definitely like that.

One thing I do a lot of when I am in Wisconsin is drive. I actually spend most of my time in a car. My kids and grand kids live 90 miles from my Mother which explains all the driving I do. Since I am flying home I have rented a car for the week--can't be without wheels.

The bad thing about going to Wisconsin in 12 days, I only get to stay for one week and that just isn't long enough to see everyone I want to. But it will just have to do for this trip!