Sunday, November 29, 2009


By Susie-Q

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Hi Blog readers, Susie-Q here, still living with the Happy Campers.  I dodged the bullet again this week as Uncle Neil cancelled his trip to Laughlin in January, when Rex was going to have Uncle Neil remove my front claws.  Guess I better be using the scratching post a little more often when I stretch after my cat naps.

I’ve turned into a “House Cat”, I just just don’t enjoy the great outdoors. Rex calls me a Scaredy Cat, and even leaves the screen door open on purpose to entice me outdoors.  I sit on the step just to see what he’s doing outside, but don’t cross the threshold.  He’s forced me outside a few times, but I just slip my collar and run inside the camper and hide from him.

Now that the winter weather has closed in I’ve found a couple of warm places to hang out.  During the day it’s in front of the window with the sun shinning in.

aa 014

In the evening I stretch out in front of the gas space heater.

aa 003 


The Happy Campers are gradually switching me off of kitten food and on to adult food as I weigh 7.5 pounds at 7 months old.  I can just barely squeeze under the bathroom door when it’s closed.

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays !!!