Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Who is this horse? She likes carrots, if that is a hint..........

..........when Hannah was 11, she got a horse to show. Together they won a whole bedroom full of ribbons and trophys. Then she went to college and was shocked to find the dorm had rules about horses. Her horse was sold to a nice local lady.........

.............last week she got a call from the lady. "You want your horse back?" Yup. After more than ten years,

                           GRETA IS BACK

Greta, in the background, is aging, has been "neglected" in that she has not had much human contact. She is shy but warming up. She has a bad foot from an old injury, but will still take a rider, after Hannah works with her for a while.

What fun for Hannah, who has worked so hard to make a place for her and her horse, Paul, in the deep woods of northern Wisconsin. Now she has her old Greta back, too.

Renee kissing Paul

It works out well because Paul is lonely at Hannah's house and needs a companion.


By Uncle Hans