Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Mouse Wars

susie 013

By Susie-Q

The summer mouse wars continue, and it’s fairly easy to detect them.  They come out at night while the Happy Campers are at work slapp’in jacks.  I pounce on them and give a wicked reception, and they retreat and leave the way they came in.

The Happy Campers have been very appreciative and reward me almost daily with treats.

However one of the little squeekers slipped by the other day, and I heard Mary scream those horrible words, “MOUSE !!!” 

Aw Shit !!!” Why does she grab the camera and take pictures when a snake appears in the camper, but goes ballistic over a little mouse?  I know the drill, and immediately took off for the closet.  Rex knows the drill,and got out the mouse traps.

After the Happy Campers went to work, and the little mouse made his night raid, I lost my temper with the little S.O.B. and mortally wounded it.  It crawled back into the safety of the kitchen drawer and bled to death.  Not a pretty sight, and I felt sorry for Rex while he did the clean up and had to wash all the dishes in that drawer.

Wonder if I’ll get my treats today?

The snake in the camper episode was really exciting.  I had it cornered behind Steve’s chair and even though Rex calls me a “scaredy cat” I was holding my ground.

The Grandson’s visit was just as Rex predicted. I Do Hate Kids.  I spent the entire 24 hours in the bedroom closet.

The extreme lower desert heat is killing me.  I’ve been shedding a lot of hair.  I hop up on Mary’s lap daily and she helps me with my preening, by combing me.  I’m not “off feed”, but I get pretty lethargic and lay around suffering when the A/C isn’t set low enough.  I really miss it when the door is closed, and I can’t sit in front of the screen door and watch the outside.

Another 3 or 4 weeks and the worst of the heat should be over, I can’t wait !!!

That’s all I have to report from the base of Waterfall Mountain, somewhere near Oatman, AZ.  Enjoy what’s left of the summer of ‘10.