Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cindy’s Party

Wonder of wonders…..we were invited to a holiday party by our co-worker and friend Cindy.  Cindy is from Bloomer, WI and we trade WISCONSIN treats back and forth when one or the other of us goes  home or has visitors that bring goodies. 

cindy 011

This is Cindy, her husband Ron, and Boo-boo.  I think Susie is bigger than her dog.

cindy 004

This is Cindy and No-No (Noelle) another co-worker.

You wouldn’t know it by looking but No-No is busy mixing up mudslides…….she must have done a good job because they were yummy.

cindy 009 

This is the whole group….a small party but lots of fun!!

dave 010 (Large)