Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eight Years

I quit smoking eight years ago today.  After not smoking for eight years, I sincerely wish I could say it was 18, 28, or even 38 years ago that I quit but it's just 8.  The headline news of the lung cancer/smoking connection was big news about the time I started smoking.  The arrogance and immortality of youth made me just plain ignore that information.

Like many other smokers, I made the statement "well, we all have to die of something".  Which is true we all die of something but sadly you don't just die.  There is a process of dying and quite frankly dying of lung cancer is not a pleasant process.  I heard one person say it was like suffocating in your own lungs.  Doesn't that sound like fun?? 

Regrets??  Oh yes I have many and one of the biggest is that I EVER put a cigarette in my mouth.  How stupid was that?


Anonymous said...

congratulations Mary. There is no greater gift you can make to yourself. We alone are responsible to take care of ourselves. You have made a wise choice and should thank yourself.