Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Roadie

By Susie-Q

Mary jumped and squealed a bit when she went to the open door the other morning.  I immediately jumped down from my Cat Tree to investigate.

OMG, it was my ole nemesis, the Roadie.

cat 004


The Son – Of – A – Bitch was right on the top step looking in. We had a long tail twitching stare down.

cat 006


I made some moves, but the screen door was in the way, and the Roadie knew it!

cat 008


The stare down went on for about 45 minutes, with the Roadie clicking at me and laughing.

cat 007


Mary’s the smart one and opened the backdoor to come and go, in and out of the camper, but Rex finally moved to go outside and opened the screen.  I had my long awaited chance and with fur flying darted outside after the Roadie!

I chased it about 10 yards before I realized I was outside.  It startled me, and I threw on the brakes screeching to a halt in the middle of the road.  The Roadie saw his chance and my apprehension, turned and literally chased my Ass back into the camper.

cat 010


Laughing all the way !!!

susie 013

By Susie-Q

(Your totally humiliated Cat Correspondent)


On Da Road said...

Wow that's amazing ( & funny) ! :-)